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Are You Ready to Become a Well Known Author?

Have you written a fiction or non-fiction manuscript?  Are you eager to get your book into print and onto the latest e-Reader devices but are unsure about how the publishing process works?  Do you feel that traditional publishing houses cut the author out of the creative and promotional processes and reduce the opportunity for profitability?  If so, then it’s time you learned about how Enoch Press can help you conquer your publishing quest.

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Enoch Press is focused on you, the author. 

We offer a comprehensive solution to individuals throughout every step of the publishing process and are skilled in offering our clients the following services:

Editing and Proofreading

A manuscript is not considered a book until it is polished and perfected.  When you partner with Enoch Press, you will have access to our team of professional editors and proofreaders who will assist in finalizing your manuscript and preparing it for publication.

Cover Design Solutions

It might be said that you can’t tell a book by its cover, but you certainly can identify a professionally designed facade from the alternative.  Our professional cover designers will put your book’s best face forward which will help you increase sales.

Manuscript Formatting

While manuscript formatting might be an art form that is largely overlooked by the public, the one thing for certain is that readers are quick to discount a text that isn’t properly laid out.  Our manuscript formatting allows for sales success.

Online Marketing & Book Distribution

You might have written the next Great American Novel, but, if you don’t promote or distribute it, what’s the point?  Our team of marketing and distribution professionals will partner with you to make sure your book is exposed to the masses.

Promotion & Advertisement

To any self-published author, promotion and advertising can easily become a full-time job.  However, when you join forces with our experienced PR experts, you will have access to proven promotion strategy that results in sales.

What Is The Difference, Why Enoch Press?

Industry Know-How

Don’t go it alone – unlike our competitors, Enoch Press is your self-publishing partner and we understand industry challenges.

Media Relationships

Why start from scratch?  Benefit from our established PR and media relationships and connections and experience the difference with Enoch Press from day one.

Customized Strategy

Just as no two books are the same, Enoch Press understands our clients are unique.  Allow us to create a custom strategy that fits your goals.

One-Stop Solution

Enoch Press has brought together a team of publishing, editorial, distribution and promotion experts so you are in the best hands through each step of the process.

What else does Enoch Press offer?

While there are many benefits to working with Enoch Press, as a self-published author, you will appreciate:

  • One-on-one promotional assistance from our team of PR and online marketing professionals.
  • A veritable stable of industry experts brought together to help you achieve your goals.
  • Flexible pricing structures that offer high-quality products, unlimited support and modification ability as your needs and objectives change.

Enoch Press in the News


Several months ago my friend Zsolt (President of Enoch Press) and I met in an online book club, commenting back and forth about our thoughts on publishing. Little did we know that just a few short weeks later we would be working together on a massive project titled, “Terrorist University.”

He quickly showed me that he knew much more about publishing than I could ever have known and our project is becoming increasingly more successful as each day goes by.

Our chance meeting could end up flourishing into a best-selling book, and potentially movie and film rights for our project “Terrorist University.”
Thanks Zsolt!

Nicholas Black – Terrorist University


Interested in learning if Enoch Press is right for you and your self-publishing needs?  Email info@enochpress.com today to learn more about our proven self-publishing process and take the first step to becoming the next great author!